“Wonder arises when something quite new and singular is presented… [and] memory cannot, from all its stores, cast up any image that nearly resembles this strange appearance.”

Adam Smith

“Thanks to my mother, I haven’t wasted any time dwelling on whether I’m brilliant or a fool. It’s completely unprofitable to think about it.”

Woody Allen 
As quotable as ever. 

“There’s something in the way time moves through and around a novel, and through us and around us when we are reading it, that is singular to books, that is transcendent, that causes us to rise above the highway, to contemplate time’s passage and its meaning, and to feel its wistful power and wrenching distortions. I think this is truer and more pronounced with novels than with any other form.”

— Jess Walters, author of Beautiful Ruins

“I didn’t begin to learn how to see until I began to learn how to paint.”

— Catherine Kehoe

“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.”

Simone Weil 

Three walks in Palma de Mallorca

If you’re looking for a hiking destination in Europe, go no further than the Tramuntana mountain range in Mallorca.  The Germans have discovered Palma, but only a few were wandering around on the “backbone” of the island last weekend. The walking was quiet and the landscape stunning.   

Day 1: Sa Dragonera, an dragon shaped island over run with tiny dragon shaped lizards, accessible by the Sant Elm ferry. From the top you can peer over the edge of the north facing cliffs and contemplate your fall.

Day 2: Long Route 221 from Soller to l’Ofre (thanks to a tip from some friendly Norwegians). Beginning in Soller, a small town ringed by mountians, you take an old cobblestone path north through orange and lemon groves eventually coming to the even smaller town of Biniaraix.  From Biniaraix begins the climb up steep terraced mountainsides.  The orange groves give way to olive groves and the occasional goat as the path crisscrosses mountain streams and waterfalls.  From the summit you can see 360 degrees of mountains and ocean.

Day 3: Sant Elm to the Le Trappe monastery.  How the monks got there with their tools I’m not sure, but it was not by way of cliff scrambling from Sant Elm. From the monastery you can look back at Dragonera. 

“History is that certainty produced at the point where the imperfections of memory meet the inadequacies of documentation.”

—  Julian Barnes, The Sense of an Ending

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