Wellesley in Tech: Ups, Downs, and Takeaways from Nearly a Decade as a Software Engineer by Jen Carlile '03 (@jencarlile)


Five years ago I was living in a small town in Niedersachsen working for a German audio company writing installers and automated test suites for an audio conferencing system.  Not the most glamorous work, but I had great colleagues and during my time there I developed a knowledge of sausage that would rival even the most astute charcutier.  If you asked me then what I’d be doing in five years, it most certainly wouldn’t have been founding a startup of 20+ people working on tools for the architecture, engineering, and construction industry, raising venture capital, and dealing with the ups and downs of startup life.

But somehow, that’s where I am. 

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Being a master of machines is one thing, but if you want to get anything done, you need to understand how people work just as well.