The Hunger Games

I just read The Hunger Games.  It was fun.  Lots of young adult fiction themes, dystopic future, kids fighting against adults and the grownup world, first loves and so on.  

There is a deeply creepy side to the story about government instituted surveillance which is edited down into broadcast entertainment for society.  Because people enjoy the entertainment they put up with the surveillance (and the horrors of the game). Rather than fiction, this feels suspiciously like a criticism of our social networked times. 

Rob Horning puts it nicely:

The creepy voyeurism and exhibitionism of [Facebook, Twitter etc.] it is palpable, no matter how much of a digital native one might be. Still we play along reluctantly with it and believe no one else has any interest in putting a stop to it all… we come to think Facebook must be for all these other people, but we have to keep consuming it too.