I used to get really excited about Flash websites but these days all I see are the cons that Flash can bring to the user experience:

A.) I feel like I’m being dragged through the experience, waiting for the site to load, watching the pre-loader etc.

B.) Waiting for things to move around is irritating when all I really want is the content. 

C.) As a developer, it is tedious to keep flash sites up to date, also tedious to build an XML framework for content management.

D.) The best flash sites are ones that move really fast, the motion interferes minimally with the navigation, which makes me wonder why the motion is there in the first place.

Caveat: When Flash is not the means to an end but rather the end in itself, it can be beautiful and not annoying at all.

From Wordpress to Tumblr

I just officially moved my site from Wordpress to Tumblr. was overdue for a face lift, but the thought of updating my wordpress site was daunting.  I had quite a few hacks in place and I wasn’t sure I’d remember how I got everything working in the first place. 

To help procrastinate I started using a service called Tumblr. I was posting things that I found interesting - sometimes original content, sometimes not.  It was kind of like public journaling.

As my love for Tumblr grew, so did the busyness of the dashboard in WordPress.  I continue to use WordPress to power most of my clients’ sites and with each WordPress upgrade more features and controls appear.  One recent upgrade moved the dashboard navigation into a the left column which still slows me down.

So, one snowy weekend morning I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to use a few Tumblr blogs to display my work?  The idea gained traction and evolved through some sketches. 

I sorted out exactly what it was I wanted from my personal website.

  • A way to group my paintings, photography, designs etc. by category, and a way to easily toggle between the different categories.
  • A display format that put content at the center, no clicking required.
  • A simple site, as close to Tim Van Damme’s “business card” site as I could manage while still adhering to #2.

After inspecting the Tumblr platform more closely I discovered that all my objectives could be met with minimal effort by creating a custom theme.

Following Tumblr’s own lead, I think I managed to keep simplicity (of implementation and presentation) at the heart of this site.

Follow me

The follow feature on the tumblr dashboard is very awesome.  I follow friends and strangers; the tumblr dashboard is an excellent resource for discovering art and internet coolness via my peers.